ZoN Resistance Tube – Extra Heavy Resistance

Whether your goal is building lean muscle mass or shedding excess body fat, ZoN Resistance Tubes will help you reach your goals. Use the tubes to burn fat through high-rep, low-resistance exercises, or to gain lean muscle mass through low-rep, high-resistance exercises. Isolate individual muscles or use as a full range of motion exerciser. Resistance tubes provide a safe, proven, do-anywhere routine to build strength and improve tone; no bulky metal weights needed. Now available in 4 resistance levels to suit your fitness capabilities.

Product Features

  • Compact and portable. Great for travel and home use.
  • Break-resistant latex material provides consistent stretch.
  • Available in four resistance strengths: Light, Medium, Heavy and (NEW) Extra Heavy. Ideal for resistance training, aerobic endurance training and rehab.
  • Anti-sweat, high density foam handles provide a comfortable yet firm grip. Handles can be placed under the foot or around the ankle for a variety of exercises. Suitable for all fitness and skill levels.

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