The High Raw Hand Book: The Savvy Girl’s Guide to Raw Till 4 and The Raw Food Diets with 56 Recipes: The Savvy Girl’s Guide to Raw Till 4 and The Raw Food Diets with 56 Recipes

Ever wanted to try the raw food diet but thought you might not even last one day? The High Raw Hand Book is a no nonsense guide for savvy people who want to add serious amounts of healthy raw food into their lives but maybe don’t feel ready to go 100% raw just yet, or for a raw food beginner. This book is sparkling with ideas and brimming with useful every day information to help you transition to optimal health and easily start the raw food diet in a high raw way.

With 56 recipes, it’s chock full of tasty, easy-to-make vegan recipes which you and your family will love. Improving your diet has never been so light-hearted, easy or fun. Featuring a combination of cooked and raw food recipes, the book also includes brief and clear instructions on how to do the high carb, low fat Raw Till 4 lifestyle plus excerpts from my personal journal, so you won’t have to make the same mistakes that I made.

Become engrossed in my journey as I fall flat on my face, beat myself up and then pick myself right back up and start to really run with this fabulous way of eating. Laugh and tag along in my journal as I begin to finally kick butt in my battle against bulimia, a death ride I was afraid would never end.

Whip out your forks and knives and get ready for 56 lip smacking recipes of real food that will get you drooling for more. These recipes will leave you all carbed up and feeling like a million bucks. The cooked vegan recipes are: Oil free, gluten free, wheat free, whole plant based, high carb, no or very low fat, low sodium and vegan. The raw food recipes are: whole plant based, no added oil extracts (only naturally occurring oils from whole fruits and nuts), vegan, high carb recipes, including some fat free, low sodium, raw vegan recipes.

Learn how to easily include tons of healthy raw foods into your daily diet, go vegan, and still enjoy healthy, energizing, comforting cooked meals. For those who want to start eating the Raw Till 4 or Raw Till Dinner diets, the high carb vegan, low fat lifestyle, and stop eating all the crap, or are just looking for a little inspiration and great new tasty recipes along the way.

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