ISO Thermics Emergency Survival Mylar Thermal Sleeping Bag / Blanket – BONUS – Receive A “Must Read” THE BASIC SURVIVAL GUIDE eBook with Your Order! A $7 Value Absolutely FREE

Discover How You Can Increase Your Chances of Survival

Exposure to the Elements is a Major Cause of Death The ISO Thermics Emergency Survival Mylar Thermal Sleeping Bag / Blanket Can Increase Your Chances of Survival in All Weather, Seasons and Circumstances

– Waterproof & Windproof with Reinforced Seams
– Extra Large Capacity & Bright Orange for High Visibility
– Very Lightweight and Comes in its Own Stuff Sack that Fits Anywhere

How will The ISO Thermics Emergency Survival Mylar Thermal Sleeping Bag / Blanket Work for You? By Reflecting Heat Back in Towards You, Regulating Your Body Heat

Does it really work? Yes. The ISO Thermics Emergency Survival Mylar Thermal Sleeping Bag / Blanket, Derived from NASA technology, Helps People Stay Warm or Cool. Everyone from Mountaineers to Astronauts to Surgeons use Them

What Can You Use it for? As an Emergency Blanket, As an Emergency Shelter, to Keep Warm, to Keep Cool or to Signal for Help. These are Just a Few of the Many Uses Available to You

Do You Have a Guarantee? You Can Buy with Confidence because Each One Comes with a 30 Day, Complete Satisfaction, Money-back Guarantee

Take Advantage of our Limited Time Pricing: Due to Sales Volumes we cannot Guarantee this Low of a Price Long Term

Congratulations! By Clicking the Add to Cart Button Right Now You Can Increase Your Chances of Survival

Product Features

  • ENJOY HAVING PEACE of MIND – The ISO Thermics Emergency Survival Mylar Thermal Sleeping Bag / Blanket is Waterproof, Windproof with Reinforced Seams, Bright Orange for High Visibility, Extra Large Capacity, Very Lightweight and Comes in its Own Stuff Sack that Fits Anywhere Giving You Peace of Mind Every Where You Go.
  • FEEL SAFE & SECURE by BEING PREPARED – Buy and Put The ISO Thermics Emergency Survival Mylar Thermal Sleeping Bag / Blanket in Your Car, Truck, SUV, Quad, Snow Machine, Kayak, Boat, Back Pack, Day Pack, Saddle Bag… or Any Place Else You Can Think of (It Fits Anywhere), So You Feel Safe & Secure by Being Prepared.
  • QUICK & EASY to USE – The ISO Thermics Emergency Survival Mylar Thermal Sleeping Bag / Blanket is 80 Inches by 35 Inches When Open, Weighs Only 3.5 Ounces by itself and 3.7 Ounces Specially Packed in the Stuff Sack that is 6 Inches by 2.5 Inches in the Closed Relaxed State, Yet it Can Be Compressed a Great Deal to Fit Anywhere Making it Quick & Easy for You to Use Anytime Anywhere.
  • PURCHASE WITH CONFIDENCE – 30-Day – Complete Satisfaction – Money-Back Guarantee! Made For and Sold Exclusively by Tummah LLC & ISO Thermics, comes in ISO Thermics packaging and Only Ships by Tummah LLC & ISO Thermics through Fulfillment by Amazon. Anyone Other Than Tummah LLC & ISO Thermics Claiming to be Selling the ISO Thermics Emergency Survival Mylar Thermal Sleeping Bag / Blanket is a Fraud.
  • FREE BONUS WITH YOUR ORDER! $7 Value – A “Must Read” THE BASIC SURVIVAL GUIDE eBook – This eBook Covers All Important Survival Topics Like: Steps to be Prepared for Various Disasters, Completing Family Disaster Plan and Building Emergency Strategies, Building Your Own Disaster Kits, Helping Disabled Persons, Children and Your Pets in Emergency Situations, How to Deal with Extreme Evacuations, How to Create Communications with Your Family, Friends and Neighborhoods, Food and Food Storage, First Aid, Medicine and other Topics on You and Your Family’s Survival. This Fast and Easy to Read eBook Contains Very Useful Survival Tips and Answers to Your Basic Survival Questions that You Cannot Afford not to Have The Answers To.

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Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash Value Pack, 24 Ounce, 3 Count

Experience superior natural nourishment for your skin. Dove Deep Moisture Nourishing Body Wash with NutriumMoisture rinses clean for soft, smooth skin.

Product Features

  • Contains NutriumMoisture, proven most effective natural nourishment
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  • 100 percent natural moisturizers
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Dove go fresh Cool Moisture Body Wash, Value Pack, 24 Ounce, 3 Count

The natural moisturizers in Dove NutriumMoisture deeply nourish while the crisp, soothing scents of cucumber and green tea leave skin feeling refreshingly hydrated.

Product Features

  • Refreshment that effectively nourishes skin
  • NutriumMoisture nourishes skin deep down
  • Crisp, soothing cucumber and green tea scent
  • Dove body wash is the #1 choice of dermatologists
  • 100 percent natural moisturizers

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