New Arm Blaster Body Building Gym Bicep Bomber Curl Tricep Muscle Bulider Black

Fitness Arm Blaster

Padding in areas that receive the most pressure.

Strong steel construction.

Maximizes your Bicep and Triceps workouts by Allowing maximum Stability and isolation.

Fully adjustable for a custom fit.

Adjustable Straps for All Hieghts.

Ideal for Heavy Weights

Money Back Guarantee.

Product Features

  • Weight Lifting Arm Blaster
  • Strong steel construction
  • Fully adjustable for a custom fit
  • Adjustable Straps for All Hieghts
  • Ideal for Heavy Weights

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LPG Muscle Tri-Bells Super Single 6″ Hi-Tech Tricep Rope

Tri-Bells Super Single 6″ delivers a revolutionary new way to perform an old school triceps blaster, the Dumbbell Overhead Extension exercise. This brand new cable exercise delivers all the mass building benefits of that old favorite, without the dangerous and awkward dumbbell loading and unloading gymnastics! Created to outperform common triceps ropes, patent pending Tri-Bells deliver by providing resistance exercisers (bodybuilders, weightlifters, athletes etc) with superior conditioning effects. Expect no less than excess! Cable Clip NOT Included.

Product Features

  • “Ball Style” grip maximizes both Lateral & Long Triceps head stimulation
  • “Ball Style” grip conditions forearm, wrist and hand “stabilizer” muscles
  • Color: Black bell and Orange tube cover. Powder coated, textured gripping surface.
  • 1500# strong ultra-flexible cable suspension for optimal exercise freedom of movement
  • Full Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty. Made in the USA!

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