Tone Fitness Tone Fitness Cement Filled Kettlebell Set – 30 lbs.

Kettlebells were originally designed for Russian Red Army soldiers and world-class athletes Sculpt and tone all the muscles you use for balance and leverage Steadily progress the intensity of your workouts by increasing weight amount Increase your agility, build strength, develop your balance, and improve your endurance   About CAP Barbell CAP Barbell is a leading distributor and provider of fitness equipment. Launched in 1982 with a small inventory of free weights and benches, CAP Barbell has grown over the past 20+ years to include more than 600 products in 10 categories. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, CAP Barbell is dedicated to providing quality fitness equipment at competitive prices, by constructively designing, accurately testing, and manufacturing its products to perfection. Set Includes: 5, 10 and 15 lb. Kettlebell. Vinyl coating protects floors. Alternative to cast iron kettlebell. Hand reinforced for durability. No assembly required.

Product Features

  • Set Includes: 5, 10 and 15 lb. Kettlebell
  • Vinyl coating protects floors
  • Alternative to cast iron kettlebell
  • Hand reinforced for durability
  • No assembly required

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Skinny Girl Secrets: The Simple Way To Lose Weight And Tone Your Body (Regardless Of Your Age Or Weight)

Why do some people stay skinny, seemingly without effort, while others struggle to lose weight? What are their secrets? The answer: their habits. In “Skinny Girl Secrets: The Simple Way To Lose Weight And Tone Your Body (Regardless Of Your Age Or Weight)” By Aki Triela, you’ll learn the simple and relaxed way to lose weight and stay skinny (without diet pills, fad diets or going to the gym)

Inside this guide, you’ll learn:

* 6 habits that enable fast weight loss (all skinny people do this. Want to become skinny? Simply copy what they do)

* How to develop “get skinny habits” (weight loss is inevitable once you discover this)

* The secret Japanese diet revealed (Asian women stay skinny forever. Here’s how they do it …)

* Lose 10 pounds by avoiding these drinks (these “hidden” calories are so sneaky!)

* Eat your way to thinness by doing this (I lost 30 pounds thank to this tip)

* Get a flat stomach like a teenager by doing 3 simple things (read it on chapter 14)

* A “mind trick” for eating less (I shrunk my appetite by doing this – it’s simple)

You deserve to be skinny and beautiful, like your teenage self. Possible? Indeed – it starts with the right habits. Think of this book as a guide map, all you need to add is “action” and you’ll get there. I invite you to read this book – you’ll be in for a while ride. I’ll see you on the other side.

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Health Mark Body Tone Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Don’t Just Guess; Know for Sure. The Health Mark Heart Rate Monitor which features 20 functions is the ideal training partner for conducting and tracking safe and efficient training sessions. The wide Silk Chest Strap which houses the transmitter provides comfort and freedom from skin irritation, and an excellent contact area for obtaining accurate heart rate readings. Preset functions allow you to establish heart rate parameters which alarm you when your heart rate climbs too high, as well as when your heart rate is too low to sustain an efficient workout. The wrist watch style receiver is attractive enough to be worn as an everyday watch. Available in red, blue and black the Body Tone Heart Rate Monitor is a ‘must have’ for getting in and staying in shape. Set apart from the competition by providing the only silk chest transmitter strap which eliminates the possibility of any skin irritation while allowing for a more comfortable fit, the ECG accuracy of this monitor is unmatched due to its larger transmitter with higher a sensitivity. The availability of 3 colors is an additional upside to this product.The ideal training partner for your indoor or outdoor workout, the Health Mark BT21000 heart rate monitor watch offers 20 function in a compact, wrist-mounted housing. The watch includes a wide silk chest strap that’s comfortable and irritation-free, along with a small transmitter that fits inside the strap and takes extremely accurate heart rate readings. Once you’re wearing the strap, the watch lets you establish a host of heart rate parameters for your workouts. Want to know when your heart rate climbs too high? No problem, as the watch will sound an alarm if it exceeds a certain programmed level. Worried that your heart rate often dips to low to sustain an efficient workout? Again, the watch will let you know. And not only does it offer a continuous heart rate reading, but it also boasts a preset Cardio Building program for improving your cardio performance over time. Attractive enough to function as an everyday watch, the BT21000 weighs a mere 8 ounces total.

Product Features

  • Heart rate monitor watch with wide silk chest strap and HR transmitter
  • 20 total functions, including over-limit alarm and continuous HR display
  • Cardio Building program lets you improve cardio performance over time
  • Strap is comfortable and irritation-free; transmitter is lightweight and accurate
  • Attractive housing for everyday wearing; weighs 8 ounces

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