Fully Adjustable 6 Inch Weightlifting Belt | Thick Lower Back & Core Support For Men & Women | Essential For Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, Crossfit, Deadlifts & Squats

Are you looking for a quality, long-lasting weightlifting belt for your fitness endeavors?

Are you in need of a some extra lower back support while on the job or doing the chores?

Either way, we’ve got just the lifting belt for you!

Introducing The Iron Body Team Workout Belt!

Bracing your abs and lower back while lifting heavy weights at the gym or at home, is absolutely crucial if you want to prevent a catastrophic low back injury.

What’s more surprising is that most people are not even aware of that. This training belt will provide you with just the necessary core control and stability to take your performance to the next level, while avoiding injuries altogether!

100% Adjustable & Versatile Belt

You know how your lower back twinges or gets sore after a heavy session of squats and deadlifts? You can easily prevent that by equipping yourself with this belt.

Simply wrap it around your core, tighten it to your desired level using the dependable Velcro strap and enjoy a comfortable, safe gym workout every single time.

Still Not Convinced? Perhaps The Following Will Help You Make Up Your Mind!

• 100% adjustable and secure Velcro strap that will not randomly come undone

• Thick yet lightweight lifting belt, perfect for men and women

• Heavy duty, resilient design that will last almost a lifetime

• Versatile gym accessory for heavy bodybuilding, powerlifting and Crossfit exercises

• A sure-fire way to reduce your chance for lower back injury!

And don’t forget! A considerable amount of money from the sales of this weight lifting belt will be allocated to sports education for children with special needs. Extend your compassion to more than just your own health and safety!

So What Are You Still Waiting For?

Click ‘Add To Cart’ And Take Your Performance To The Next Level!

Product Features

  • REINFORCE YOUR CORE & PROTECT YOUR LOWER BACK: The Iron Body Team lifting belt is an essential accessory not just for any gym goer but for people wanting to support their lower back in work and everyday life. Its durable, premium-quality design will fully protect your lower back and help you brace your core when you need it most.
  • A HEAVY-DUTY BELT FOR HEAVY WEIGHTS: Whether you’re lifting heavy weights in the gym or you’re just looking for some additional support when squatting and deadlifting, this is by far the most comfortable and versatile belt you can use. It’s excellent for bodybuilding, powerlifting, Crossfit, Olympic lifting and strength athletes.
  • 100% ADJUSTABLE LOWER BACK PROTECTION: You’re familiar with those Velcro belts that come undone at dangerous times and you’re familiar with the pre-drilled holes that leather belts come with. Forget about all that and invest in a workout belt that enables you to adjust the tightness of the Velcro support straps to your desired level. Plus, you don’t have to worry about it coming undone while you’re at the bottom of a squat!
  • BREATHABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT COMFORT: We’ve combined durable with lightweight to design a heavy-duty weightlifting belt suitable for your most demanding needs. It will not limit your range of motion, which makes it perfect for Olympic or explosive exercises such as Overhead Squats, Clean & Jerks, Push-Presses, Power Cleans…even Lunges!
  • CARE FOR YOUR SAFETY AND FOR THOSE IN NEED: Make this training belt yours with absolute peace of mind, knowing that it will not just last for a lifetime, but part of the proceeds will go towards sport education for kids with special needs. As always, your selflessness is greatly appreciated!

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Heavy Duty Black 50′ Ft Length x 1½” Diam. Thick Poly Dacron Undulation Battling Workout Rope w/ Guard Sleeve for Strength Training Fitness Military Style Exercise

May we introduce to you this mainly upper body exercise ways of using your arms to quickly move the rope. It has great cardiovascular benefits besides increases strength and endurance of your shoulders, back, abdominals, arms, hips, legs, and hand grip. This is the rope we are here offering. It is well known as Fitness/Undulation/Battle Rope.

Enjoy the healthy life of building up your body.

Notice: Not all ropes are the same. There are some cheap and inferior ropes appear on the market. For instance, Polypropylene material will break and be coarse easily, Polyethylene is stiff and will come loose over time, Manila will fray and make a mess.

Our Ropes’ Features:

* Rope Size: 1 1/2″ x 50 Feet

* Color: Black Rope, Dirt Resistant

* Material: 100% Poly Dacron, Wear Resistant and Durable

* 3-Strand Twisted PolyDac Strong Construction

* Yellow Tracking Line, Convenient for Maintenance

* 600D Oxford Waterproof Sleeve Protect the Rope from Friction and Fray

* Heat Shrink Caps on the ends, Heavy and Appressed

* High Tensile Strength

Perfect for boxers, mixed martial artists, swimmers, surfers, basketball, baseball, tennis players, or anyone looking forward to promoting their physical fitness to a new level.

Package Includes:

* 1x 50 Ft x 1-1/2″ Diameter Poly Dacron Fitness Rope with End Caps

* 1x 600D Oxford Waterproof Scuff Sleeve

Product Features

  • 3-Strand Twisted PolyDac Strong Construction Fitness/ Undulation/ Battle Rope
  • Made with 100% Poly Dacron, rope will be hard to fray, break or come loose
  • Perfect for core muscle and cardio training, increasing reaction time & metabolic rate
  • Including 600D Oxford Waterproof Scuff Sleeve with Velcro closure
  • Ideal for indoor &/or outdoor activities, sports, fitness and exercise trainers

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