Crazy Shopping®push-ups Stands Exercise the Arm Exercise Chest Muscles Fitness and Body Building Equipment


Material:stainless steel+ foam


steel tube thickness:1.2cm

Color:as the picture shown

Form:S-shaped Push-up Rack

Weight:approxi 560g

Package:1 x Push-ups exercise equipment

Product Features

  • Design with human body
  • Engineering,improving efficiency of push-ups exercise
  • Thick foam achieves a good effect in sweat and heat absorption
  • Durable ,non-slip and environmental protection
  • Can exercise your arm and chest muscle and build a perfect body

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SKL Push Up Bars Push-up Stands Muscle Building Home Fitness Equipment

Simple to use, strong, sturdy and durable.
By using your own body weight as resistance, these push-up bars will turn ordinary push-ups into an explosive new workout routine.
Uniquely designed to alleviate stress on your wrists and hands, the comfort-grip handles offer an infinite number of angles to blast your chest, triceps muscles for maximum size and strength gains.

Product Features

  • Durable metal construction
  • Soft foam grips, comfortable to handle
  • Push ups target your chest, shoulder, and back muscles
  • S shaped, symmetrical design which can be used in three different ways

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