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Test Protocol is a unique lean muscle gaining formula created to help you increase your free testosterone levels while keeping your estrogen levels down. Test Protocol will give you incredible muscle gains, increase your energy levels and also increase your libido which will enhance your sex drive. How is Test Protocol different than other testosterone boosters? Test Protocol is unlike any other test booster on the market. It contains key ingredients that signal the master cylinder to all hormonal reactions in the body called the hypothalamus. With the hypothalamus in high gear, testosterone levels will be pushed to the max. With higher testosterone comes better focus, higher metabolism, better sex drive, increase in muscle mass and an overall sense of well being. Test Protocol also contains a very potent natural aromatase inhibitor that will keep estrogen levels low and make sure that any undesirable estrogen like side-effects will be non existent. Test Protocol will make you feel like you havent felt in years! The benefits of taking our product are so vast that it almost has to be experienced to be believed. When one starts taking Test Protocol they will start to notice that the strength they once had starts to return, their recovery time in the gym is significantly better and their once fast metabolism will return in full swing with the added muscle tissue you will acquire while using this product. For the weight lifters this product will show you the results you have been looking for that you havent been able to find with other products, for the non weight lifters this product is an incredible alternative to other options for increasing libido and sex drive. This product will change your life on multiple levels. 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Order Test Protocol today and enjoy a new exciting life that you deserve!

Product Features

  • Increase In Testosterone Levels Increasing Lean Muscle Mass
  • Strengthen Libido and Sex Drive In Males
  • Increase In Muscle Mass While Increasing Energy and Recovery
  • Maintain and Control Of Estrogen Levels
  • Greater Sense of Well Being and a Positive Outlook On Life

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Eat, Get Movin’ and Rock that Little Black Dress: A modern girl’s guide to realism, common sense and moderation

About the book:

In the busy, fast paced reality that we live in, how’s a girl supposed to get a handle on leading a healthy lifestyle with a calendar full of dinner dates? When is there time to exercise when you work all day and your only chance to relax is in front of the TV before you go to sleep? Why does it have to be such a struggle to juggle the demands of our lives at the expense of our own well-being? Newsflash! It does not have to be. Eat, Get Movin’ and Rock that Little Black Dress will show you how.

Change is not easy when we are accustomed to routines but implementing a variety of healthy modifications can help transform you. This “tell it like it is,” witty, light read dishes realistic advice fueled by common sense that is practical for the no nonsense, modern girl that you are. Opt for organic when it’s an option? No problem. Salad dressing on the side? Done deal. Stop eating cheesecake? That’s blasphemy! Take a couple extra laps around the mall to find that little black dress? Now you’re talking!

Excerpt from the book:

I am not a dietician, nor am I a nutritionist, a doctor or anything else related. I also don’t work for the Food and Drug Administration, the Department of Agriculture or any other similar association. But as you will read over and over in this book, I have common sense despite what my husband would tell you. All things considered, when I am on the elliptical machine at the gym my rear looks pretty, freakin’ good in the mirror so I must be doing something right! Granted my neck hurts from straining to watch my derriere in action but that is a whole other story.

You are what you eat. How much thought do you put into your diet and what goes down the hatch? Should you read labels? Absolutely! Should so swear by them? No way! Why? Because that is not realistic, that’s why. Should you never go out to eat? Of course not! You should actually, and often! When you are through with this book, doll yourself up and put on that little, black dress. Rock it! Throw on those heels. Enjoy a date night with your significant other especially if you are not the one paying. It helps keep the connection strong. And better yet, why not enjoy a night out with the girls even more. It’s important to allow yourself some time to decompress from life’s stresses. What’s better than a bitchfest over a pitcher of freshly made sangria? Everyone loves a floating piece of fruit to stab amongst good company.

About the author:

Jaclyn Brottman holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Art Therapy and is certified as a Wellness Practitioner and a Professional in Human Resources. She has carefully blended her diverse background to focus on nourishing the body, mind and soul both in her private life and professional life. At home, well-being, and a holistic approach towards a healthy lifestyle is a way of life for her family. In the workplace, she engages in wellness research, implementation, education and strives to create positive opportunities and initiatives. Amongst plans to continue writing, she currently is focusing her attention on training to be a Yoga Instructor and Life Coach.

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