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Simplicity Women’s Yoga Capris Multiple Colors Available Herem Pants

Wear this popular trend to work out or chill out in total comfort and style. Perfect for events like parties, meditation or massage sessions, beach bumming, yoga, Pilates, or dance practice and aerobics.

Sytle 1
Material: Cotton
Size: Waist: 29.5″-32″, Suitable Height: 64.96″-67.71″
Colors: Black, Light Grey, Iron Grey, Purple

Style 2
Material: 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex
Size: Waist:22″~27″ Hips:26″~32″Length:35″
Color: Gold/ Fuchsia/ Purple/ Blue/ White/Mint/ Lavender/ Lime/ Grey

Style 3
Material: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
Color: Black/Cream, Black/Grey, Black/Teal, Black/Blue, Black/Purple, Black/Mustard
Size: Length:44″ Waist:32″-39″ Hips:36″-43″

Package includes:
1 x Pair of Yoga Pants

Product Features

  • Different styles have different color, size and material
  • Style 1: Size: Waist: 29.5″-32″, Suitable Height: 64.96″-67.71″
  • Style 2: Size: Waist:22″~27″ Hips:26″~32″Length:35″
  • Style 3: Size: Length:44″ Waist:32″-39″ Hips:36″-43″
  • Suitable for your indoor or outdoor exercise like yoga/Pilates/dancing/body-building exercise/jogging

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