Hot Hand Shooting: Discover the FIRE METHOD How To Shoot the Basketball for Youth Players Step by Step Trainer DVD for Kids No Shooting Device – Aid Needed Games Drills and Tips for Coaches Players

Hot Hand Shooting: Discover the FIRE Method Basketball Shooting Technique

“The FIRE method is the most effective and simplest way to shoot the basketball–you will sink shots GUARANTEED!!” Kramon Comeaux(Coach C)

Finally, there is a DVD created exclusively for young shooters. Hot Hand Shooting was created by Coach C to help restore the lost art of jump shooting. Author, coach, player, and student of the game for over 25 years, Kramon spent a decade researching the shooting techniques of great shooters and instructors. He eliminated what didn’t work and combined what did into The FIRE Method!
Watch as Coach deconstructs the jump shot from your feet to the follow through. Identifying the flaws of most shooters, Coach C provides the fix with his unique shooting technique. Hot Hand Shooting is fun, positive, and engaging. Each chapter ends with amusing exercises to cement the principles of the Fire Method. If you’re a parent or coach, the FIRE Method will aid your kid(s) in building a better jump shot. Coach C provides easy to follow instructions along with drills to help you master the jump shot.

•Learn how to easily set your feet Develop a rainbow arc
•Hi vs Low set point
• FIRE Drills
• How to shoot off the dribble or from a pass
• Shooters will get instant results
•Coach’s 3 C’s to Success
• plus much more

Regardless of age or skill level, the FIRE Method shooting principles can be used by all shooters.

BONUS CD Rom features:
• Quick Start Booklet
• 10x50x5 Practice Sheet
• HEAT STREAK calender
• Plus much more!!

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the FIRE Method and develop the perfect jump shot.

Product Features

  • 🎯THE ULTIMATE WEAPON is the jump shot. In the game of basketball, it’s the great equalizer! No matter your kid’s height, size, or skill level – Hot Hand Shooting can help them develop into a jump shooting machine! No need for a shooting device, aid, or glove – your youth player will develop a natural, smooth, and rainbow-arc jump shot.
  • 😉FRUSTRATION NO MORE because I have done all the work for you. No more confusion. I spent over a decade studying shooting instructors and great basketball shooters like Stephen Curry, Ray Allen, and Larry Bird. I eliminated the techniques that didn’t work for young shooters and synergized what did into the FIRE METHOD. The easiest and most effective way to shoot the basketball. Great for coaches and parents.
  • 🔥SATISFACTION GUARANTEED I want the best for my son and the kids I coach just as you do for your child. That’s why I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If the Fire Method does not improve your kid’s jump shooting skills – return the DVD for a full refund. As a bonus to help your child become a well-rounded player – dribbling, passing. I added my two best-selling basketball e-books: 33 Fun Youth Basketball Drills and Hot Hand Shooting – more insight into the FIRE Shooting Method.
  • ⛹🏻HELP YOUR YOUNG SHOOTER drain shots like a pro; search no more for basketball shooting instructions, training aids, or shooting devices. Most shooting aids and advice online is not for kids. Hot Hand Shooting DVD was created exclusively for kids and youth players. My son and I have tried all of the shooting gadgets and watched almost all of the shooting instruction DVDs on the market. Save yourself the time, hassle, and confusion. Hot Hand Shooting develops the perfect jump shot.
  • 🏀FUN DRILLS and GAMES is the best way to learn any new skill. The DVD is jam packed with shooting drills, exciting games, motivation, and inspiration that will transform your child into a knockdown jump shooter. Watch as Coach C deconstructs the jump shot from the feet to the follow thru. 7 Fun and Exciting DVD Chapters end with interactive reviews to cement the principles of The FIRE METHOD. Your kid will get instant feedback and results. Bonus CD Rom included. Drills, Games, Workouts and More

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