Chns Men’s Gym Workout Bodybuilding Long Sleeve Casual Hoodie Sweatshirts Live Fit Letter Printed Training Sports Pullover

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Material:Cotton blend

Size Chart
US S/Tag M Chest:40.9″
US M/Tag L Chest:44″
US L/Tag XL Chest:45.6″
US XL/Tag XXL Chest:47.2″

Features :

1. Made of soft & light weight and stretchy cotton fabric.

2. Stretchy cotton to support larger chestline and suggest to be a slim fit to show your muscular body perfectly.

3. Can be active sports or bodybuilding, or casual wear when outside or at home .

4. Long sleeve with pullover hoody. Extra comfortable with tagless label in neck.

Product Features

  • Made of soft & light weight and stretchy cotton fabric.
  • Strechy cotton to support larger chestline and suggest to be a slim fit to show your muscular body perfectly.
  • Long sleeve with pullover hoodies or slim fit T shirts available.
  • Occasion: daily wear and outdoor activities as jogging, running, Yoga, exercise, basketball, etc
  • Slim fit style to show your figure

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Fitness Gym Bodybuilding T shirt – Live Love Lift

Product Features

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  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

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Childhood Obesity Solution: The Ultimate Parents Guide For Helping Children Live Healthy

The Child Obesity Solution: The Ultimate Parents Guide For Helping Children Live Healthy

Almost everyone is aware of adult obesity and the stigma it holds. It can deprive an individual of job opportunities and business success. It can destroy health and rob energy from its victims. Even more tragic is the dramatic impact of obesity in the life of a child. For a child, obesity means ridicule and bullying by peers, inability to play in school sports, low self-esteem and depression, difficulty sleeping, higher incidence of diabetes and much more. Childhood obesity is about children trapped by their own inability to bring their weight under control. This is a battle no obese child can win on his or her own. The condition calls for a supportive family, professional advice, and cooperative school leadership. This book is one basic resource that should be available to parents everywhere.

In The Child Obesity Epidemic: How to Overcome Obesity in Children, you will become thoroughly familiar with:

The causes and consequences of childhood obesityThe risk factors and complications such faced by obese childrenThe tests given to diagnose this condition, including the questions your doctor may ask to reach his conclusionsThe various treatment recommendations given by physicians to bring obesity under control, including your responsibilities as a parentFive specific ways to increase the physical activity of an obese childThe surgical and pharmaceutical alternatives available, including precautions about their useThe role of a parent in preventing childhood obesity and helping a child to cope with the slow progress often experienced.The only solution for this American childhood epidemic is information in the hands of caring parents. That is the goal of this book. It can help you to help your child or grandchild to understand and to remember what they must do to overcome their weight problems. It is especially vital that parents ensure that their children have access to a qualified physician who can evaluate the condition and give personalized recommendations. Priscilla Lea tackles this perplexing condition with compassion and critical discernment.

Get your copy now. Click the ‘BUY’ button at the top of this page. Then, you can immediately start reading The Child Obesity Epidemic on your Kindle device, computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Female Bodybuilding and Fitness Motivation 2014 Live Your Dream Don’t Waste Time bodybuilding

“bodybuilding motivation” “bodybuilding” “bodybuilding motivation 2014” “bodybuilding documentary” “bodybuilding training” “bodybuilding transformation” “bod…

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Women Who Eat: A New Generation on the Glory of Food (Live Girls)

More than just great food writing, this long-overdue rebuttal to the notion that all women are on a diet celebrates food with grace, wit, and gusto. Women are reclaiming their pots and pans, but it’s a new era in the kitchen. Today’s generation of women is putting a fresh spin on the “joy of cooking”—and eating and entertaining.
Women both in and out of the culinary profession share their stories about the many ways food shapes and enhances their lives. New York Times columnist Amanda Hesser praises the joys of simple food. Kate Sekules discusses the importance of having a restaurant where you are known. Michelle Tea describes her working-class Polish family’s meals as “tripe, kielbasa, shellfish and beer.” One woman owns up to her culinary ineptitude in an era when being a gourmet cook is all the rage; another links her love for Carvel soft-serve ice cream to her childhood in Trinidad. One woman writes about baking school, another about making sauerkraut with her grandmother, and another about the food in her favorite books of her childhood. This illuminating look at food today, with generous helpings of great prose, is that all too rare thing: a food positive book by women.

Product Features

  • ISBN13: 9781580050920
  • Condition: New
  • Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Tracking provided on most orders. Buy with Confidence! Millions of books sold!

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Female Bodybuilding and Fitness Motivation 2014 Live Your Dream Don’t Waste Time

Female Bodybuilding and Fitness Motivation 2014 – Live Your Dream – Don’t Waste Time Topics covered: Bodybuilding Motivation,body building, body, training, m. protein supplements supplements…

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Younger Next Year: Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy – Until You’re 80 and Beyond

Announcing the paperback edition of Younger Next Year, the New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Publishers Weekly bestseller, co-written by one of the country’s most prominent internists, Dr. Henry “Harry” Lodge, and his star patient, the 73-year-old Chris Crowley. These are the books that show us how to turn back our biological clocks—how to put off 70% of the normal problems of aging (weakness, sore joints, bad balance) and eliminate 50% of serious illness and injury.

The key to the program is found in Harry’s Rules: Exercise six days a week. Don’t eat crap. Connect and commit to others. There are seven rules all together, based on the latest findings in cell physiology, evolutionary biology, anthropology, and experimental psychology. Dr. Lodge explains how and why they work—and Chris Crowley, who is living proof of their effectiveness (skiing better today, for example, than he did twenty years ago), gives the just-as-essential motivation.

Both men and women can become functionally younger every year for the next five to ten years, then continue to live with newfound vitality and pleasure deep into our 80s and beyond.

“I have lost 50 pounds over the last nine months by eating less, moving more, and changing the way I think. I am 62 and look better and feel better and have more energy than in the last 15 years.”—Ron T.

” I read the wisdom put forth by Chris and Harry . . . [and] my next physical blew my doctor away. I am 74 and in better shape than when I was 50.”—Jack S.

“Not a week goes by that I do not utter a silent prayer of thanks that Younger Next Year came into my life. You guys are saving the world one body at a time.”—T. G.

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Who wants to play volleyball with me? Talk live to athletic and…

Who wants to play volleyball with me?

Talk live to athletic and dominant women!
800.222.3539 (FLEX)
International call:
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#female wrestlers

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