13 Lazy Ways to Burn Calories: My Lazy Girl Guide of Burning Calories Doing What You Are Already Doing

Ugh working out. It’s hard, and who has the time for it anyways?

Listen, I know how it feels like to have no energy or motivation to lose weight. So out of laziness I created a simple system that allowed me and many others to lose weight by counting calories in a smart way.

Without much effort and a little bit of smarts I changed my life around. Now I bring you the simple system so you can do the same.

Let’s get started.

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The Lazy Girl Guide to Healthy Eating (The Lazy Girl Guides)

Enjoy the easy, lazy girl way to eating healthy! Read Lazy Girl tips and tricks to eating out, eating in, and eating less, painlessly. Learn how to make healthy, lazy girl tacos, explore the science behind why pureed soups keep you fuller, longer, and make your own personalized list of healthy foods to add to salads, takeout and everything you can, easily and flavorfully. Get motivated and eat healthily today, Lazy Girl Style!

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: What to Have on Hand

Chapter 2: Healthy Tacos

Chapter 3: Quinoa, Feta and Vegetables

Chapter 4: Happy, Healthy Salads

Chapter 5: Pureed Soups

Chapter 6: Baked Potato Meals

Chapter 7: Recipes

Chapter 8: Forever Green Onions, Lazy Girl Style

Chapter 9: Eating Out

Final Words

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The Lazy Girl’s Diet Cook Book

This easy diet cookbook shows readers how to turn common, inexpensive pre-packaged meals from the supermarket frozen food aisle into fun, low calorie gourmet feasts.

The “Lazy Girl’s Diet Cookbook” features simple recipes using pre-prepared frozen entrees from Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice and Weight Watchers Smart Ones as the starting point for culinary creations. The recipes within the cookbook require very little cooking. Readers will find meals like Portabella Parmesan Risotto flavored with fresh garden herbs atop a bed of spinach, and Swedish Meatballs with sweet and sour cabbage. The “Lazy Girl’s Diet Cookbook” makes eating on a diet fun, effortless and tasty!

• Fully illustrated with easy directions
• Meal preparation takes only minutes
• Turn vegetables into enticing low calorie snacks

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The Lazy Cow’s Guide to Amazing Hormone Health: Simple ways to regain balance and reconnect to the Goddess that you are

This book is to assist women of all ages to return their bodies to a state of hormonal balance naturally through diet, exercise, supplements and other natural therapies. The positive kickback from this includes weight loss, more energy, increased libido, glowing skin and most importantly; decreasing or eliminating health problems that exist now or that may potentiate in the future if changes aren’t made now.

The Lazy Cow’s Book of Hormone Health is intended to give you basic knowledge on hormones; not an in-depth view on the body’s physiology or an in-depth breakdown of every hormone. The main aim is to keep it simple whilst informing you on the importance of gaining and retaining balanced hormones, implementing a clean, healthy diet, the importance of macro and micro-nutrients, and other significant and interesting bits of information. Too many books are full of excess information that just ends up confusing you and sometimes they can be so intense that it’s easier to just give up than to read on.

So why call this the Lazy Cow’s Guide? Because admittedly I am one! I don’t have the inclination to read an epic novel about basic information. Perhaps I’m just impatient but in all honesty, I think I struggle with the nitty gritty and do way better reading the basics. Whatever the excuse; this is why I have created an easy to follow ideas that you can adjust to your own lifestyle, and the extra information is there to assist with wanting those changes.

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How To Lose Weight and Get Healthy Even If You’re Lazy – 115 Painless Weight Loss Tips

Diet advice has been around for so long, I bet they’ve found cave paintings showing proper portion sizes when eating a whooly mammoth. Trust me when I tell you there is not a lot of new weight loss info out there.

The information doesn’t change, but we do. We’re all in different places in our weight loss journey and education. “How To Lose Weight and Get Healthy Even If You’re Lazy” offers 115 ideas you may not have heard before, or that you may see in a new light now that you’re further along in your journey. Of course, if you already know and practice common-sense ideas and your weight is under control, then this probably isn’t the book for you which absolutely delights me. I’m all about celebrating success!

But for me, and maybe you, it’s taken many years of hearing the same advice before I was ready to take action on it. And once I put simple (and sometimes obvious) lifestyle changes into practice, I got healthier and lost weight.

That’s why I know you can too.

Just pick a few tips at a time to incorporate into your life. Start to make those steady, incremental steps toward good health that you can live with happily ever after. If you start today, imagine where you’ll be a year from now!

Good luck and accept all my good wishes for the success you’re after!

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The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Losing Weight and Getting Fit

A.J. Rochester has always been a lazy girl. She knows how hard it is to lose weight and exercise, and keep inspired about it to boot, especially when she’d much rather curl up with some chippies and watch Carson on Queer Eye. This simple, step-by-step program details the nuts and bolts of how A.J. lost 99 pounds, and how even the laziest of girls can lose weight too. There’s no starvation, no low carb torture, and no weights and measures. Instead A.J. focuses on achievable goals, having fun, and loving yourself while you make the biggest changes in your life.

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