LPG Muscle Hog Legs “Pork Chop” 1 3/4″ FAT 90 Degree Long Head Triceps Bar

Fill those hands with Hog Legs Triceps / Bicep / Lat bars for ham sized Lat’s, Tri’s and Bi’s! It’s a well known fact a fatter grip makes the big weights rip. And one workout with these ham bones means you won’t be wasting anymore time on skinny, wimpy arm bars. Cable Clip NOT Included.

Product Features

  • 1-3/4″ commercial grade tubing.
  • Powder coated non-slip grip.
  • Fully welded angle bends and fixed cable attachment brackets.
  • Customized muscle targeting and extremely joint friendly.
  • Full Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty. Made in the USA!

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Fat Girl Pick Your Head Up: The Transition of Me

Not many people enjoy being overweight, so when I gained a very unattractive 65 pounds I did not know what to do. Therefore I did what I did best; I hid.

“Fat Girl” aims to encourage you to overcome one of the greatest oppositions’ you will face during this journey to better health…yourself. Be encouraged today with the knowledge that if you take the consistent action needed to achieve, you will eventually succeed.

Follow me as I share how “I” a former “fat girl” conquered my six year battle with the bulge and learned how to keep it off for over four years.

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