Resistance Bands by Swift Sports for Athletes, P90X, Insanity, Asylum, Physical Therapy, Upper and Lower Body Strengthening and Crossfit. These Exercise Bands are Perfect for Any Home Gym or At Home Workout Regimen to Workout Your Arms, Legs, Chest, Back, Shoulders and Core. Heavy Duty Exercise Bands Include 2 Soft Grip Handles, Door Anchor, Ankle Strap, Exercise Chart, and Resistance Band Carrying Case

Add Variety To Your Strength Training Routine

Without the Strain and Stress of Free Weights With the Swift Sports Resistance Bands

The Swift Sports Resistance Bands (also called exercise bands, workout bands or resistance tubes) are the most affordable way to get a home based workout to keep your muscles and body in tune with your workouts. The Swift Sports resistance bands may help with rehab exercises, fat loss, muscle building, and are ideal for travel.

Here is what the Swift Resistance Band Set will do for you:

* Increase in strength and flexibility
* Unlimited exercises and workouts by simply changing your bodily position
* Allow you to workout anywhere due to their portability
* Increase in lean muscle mass
* Provide less stress on your joints than free weights

What’s Included?

* Cushioned foam handles
* Door anchor
* Carrying bag
* Ankle strap
* Starter guide
* Five resistance bands of varying resistance – Yellow (2-4 lbs), Blue (4-6 lbs), Green (10-12 lbs), Black (15-20 lbs) and Red (25-30 lbs)
* Is backed by our No Questions Asked, 100% Money Back, Lifetime Guarantee if you are not fully satisfied

Simply click the orange “Add To Cart” button at the top of the page to Order Now!

Product Features

  • RESISTANCE BANDS include: Yellow: 2-4 lbs., Blue: 4-6 lbs., Green: 10-12 lbs., Black: 15-20 lbs., Red: 25-30 lbs
  • Use exercise bands by themselves or combine resistance bands to create MULTIPLE LEVELS OF RESISTANCE
  • Features HEAVY DUTY METAL CLIPS on resistance tubes for attaching to soft-grip handles or ankle strap
  • Comes with the Swift Sports LIFETIME GUARANTEE – if you are ever unhappy or not satisfied with our products, simply let us know and we will make it right!

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SKLZ Tempo and Grip Golf Trainer

SKLZ Tempo and Grip Trainer SKLZ Tempo Trainer SKLZ Tempo Trainer

SKLZ Tempo and Grip Trainer

Golfers–improve your golf swing tempo, timing, and grip position indoors or out with the Tempo and Grip Trainer by SKLZ. Removable weights to simulate both woods and irons help you warm-up, stretch out, and build golf-specific muscles without having to pull out your clubs. The molded training grip provides ideal hand placement and position to produce the correct golf grip, while two weight adjustments allow you to simulate iron and wood practice. The Grip Trainer is for right-handed golfers only.


Molded training grip teaches correct hand placement and position to help you perfect your club grip Great for indoor and outdoor training sessions; ideal for warming up, stretching or building golf-specific muscles Two weight adjustments simulate both iron and wood practice Improves a golfer’s swing tempo and plane For right handed golfers only

About SKLZ

SKLZ is committed to elevating the athlete in each of us by guiding and serving athletes on their journeys to be their personal best. As the flagship brand of Pro Performance Sports, based in San Diego California, SKLZ develops innovative athletic performance and skill development training products, technology and knowledge for serious athletes of all ages, skill levels and sports including baseball, football, soccer, golf, softball and basketball. SKLZ is known around the world for delivering durable, high-performance training products used by professional and amateur athletes as well as their coaches and trainers seeking to improve on a sport-specific skill or a performance-focused goal such as speed, agility, balance or core strength.

SKLZ SKLZ Tempo Trainer

Product Features

  • Molded training grip teaches correct hand placement and position to help you perfect your club grip
  • Two weights simulate both woods and irons
  • Indoor and outdoor use; ideal for warming up, stretching, and building golf-specific muscles
  • Improves a golfer’s swing tempo and plane
  • For right-handed golfers only

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Grip Strengthener -Best Hand Exerciser for Increasing Hand Wrist Forearm and Finger Strength -Adjustable Resistance Range 22 to 88 Lbs (10-40 Kg) -Ideal for Athletes Musicians and Hand Rehabilitation

A Hand Exerciser That Produces Results

Red Fox Sports The Ultimate Grip Strengthener Is Ideal for:

– Those who want to improve performance in sports where hand, wrist and forearm strength, coordination and control are require.

– The guitar, violin and drum player who want to improve wrist, hand and finger strength and endurance so they can play more comfortably.

– Those who need to build strength in order to recover from hand, wrist or forearm injuries.

– Those who are required to do hand endurance and strength exercises as part of rehabilitation from debilitating conditions such as arthritis and tendonitis.

– Building muscle strength in the hands, wrists, fingers and forearms in order to elevate muscle imbalance and prevent injury.

Features and Benefits:

– Easily adjustable resistance range from 22 – 88 lbs (10 – 40 kg)

– Scale setting for accurate resistance

– Ergonomic design to fit small through large hand sizes

– Fits conveniently in your pocket, purse or gym bag

Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase of the Red Fox Sports Hand Strengthener simply return it within 30 days for a full refund.

We have a limited supply of grip strengtheners on hand…Order Yours Today!

Product Features

  • Eronomically Designed to Fit Small to Large Hand Sizes. Perfect for Men, Women, Seniors and Teens
  • Ideal for Athletes and Sports Enthusiasts Who Want to Increase Their Hand, Wrist, Forearem and Finger Strength for Rock Climbing, Shooting, Bodybuilding, Golf, Tennis etc
  • The Easily Adjustable Dial and Wide Range of Tensions Make Red Fox Sports Hand Exerciser a Popular Choice for Those With Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel, Tennis Elbow and Those Recovering From a Broken Wrist and Tendon Surgery
  • Great Hand Strengthener for Musicians Including Drummers as well as Guitar, Piano and Violin Players
  • Superior Design and Workmanship with Molded Foam Handles and a Strong Durable Spring that is Built to Last

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Super Arms!Sucess is a journey,not a destination.Try this Super Arms to increase strength in wrists,arms and shoulders with this ergonomic designed with soft grip schoulder-density foam cover to make you feel more comfortable when body building.This is also light and can travel with you to your gym,,or to your favorite workout buddys place.

Product Features

  • Increase strength in wrists,arms and schoulder;suitable for golf,badminton,tatble tennis,basketball fans.
  • Ergonomic product design,soft grip schoulder-density foam cover to make you feel comfortable when used.
  • Light and easy to carry,which is suitablefor homeoffice,gym or outdoor eccercise use

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