TOUGH GIRL Men’s Gym Sleeveless Muscle Cut Stringers T Shirt Bodybuilding Workout Funny Tank Tops Fitness

100% brand new and high quality
Fashion Men Gyms Shirt Fitness Gyms Clothing Cotton Vest
Made of high-grade cotton, quite soft and breathable
Suitable for fitness, workout, Hip-Hop, etc
Vest only, any other accessories not included
Material: Cotton,Polyester, mesh

Size Chart:
M — Bust 34.65”/88cm, Length 25.98”/66cm,
L — Bust 36.22”/92cm, Length 26.38”/67cm,
XL — Bust 37.80”/96cm, Length 27.17”/69cm,
2XL — Bust 39.37”100cm, Length 27.95”/71cm,
3XL — Bust 40.94”/104cm, Length 28.74”/73cm,

1. Please allow slight 1-3cm difference due to manual measurement and a little color variation for different display setting
2. Size doesn’t fit all, please carefully check size chart and select the size based on your real size Thank you and nice day!

Package Includes:
1 x Vest

Product Features

  • Note: as this is Asia size, we suggest to choose two size up than your normal size
  • Material: Cotton,Polyester, mesh
  • Feature: Men’s gym cotton beast muscle stringer vest, good quality, soft and comfortable fabric, make you feel more comfortable when you fitness
  • Style: Men’s Fitness Active Shirts & Tees
  • Occasion: Suitable for fitness, workout, Hip-Hop, Casual, Sports, Bodybuilding,Training, Jogging and Works etc

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Big Fit Girl: Embrace the Body You Have

In Big Fit Girl, Louise Green describes how the fitness industry fails to meet the needs of plus-size women and thus prevents them from improving their health and fitness. By telling her own story of how she stopped dieting, got off the couch, and unleashed her inner athlete—as well as showcasing similar stories from other women—Green inspires other plus-size women to do the same.

Green also provides concrete advice, based on the latest research, about how to get started, how to establish a support team, how to choose an activity, what kind of clothing and gear work best for the plus-size athlete, how to set goals, and how to improve one’s relationship with food. And she stresses the importance of paying it forward—for it is only by seeing plus-size women in leadership roles that other plus-size women will be motivated to stop trying to lose weight and get fit instead.

Product Features


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Anser 7150282 Woman Lycra Half Finger Girl Short Fingerless Gloves for INDOOR Yoga Gym Fitness Body Building Training

Color: Pink

Model: 7150282-Pink

Material: Mesh, Microfiber, Lycra

Size: SM/ ML

Type: Half Yoga Gloves

Purpose: Yoga, Riding, Running, Hiking, Outdoor sports

Package Include: 1Pair x Yoga Gloves


Please be patient to saw the size chart before you order

SM : for Palm width 2.7-3.1″, 7-8cm

ML: for Palm width 3.1-3.5″, 8-9cm

Product Features

  • Lycra design doesn’t distort and it has good touch feeling in hand.
  • The unique pattern in the wrist part is quite charismatic.
  • Pu materials are soft elastic and ventilate.
  • Zipper design, tightness can be adjusted.
  • Ideal ornament and gift.

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Secrets of a Kosher Girl: A 21-Day Nourishing Plan to Lose Weight and Feel Great (Even If You’re Not Jewish)

Nationally recognized registered dietitian-nutritionist Beth Warren has been sharing her kosher expertise and practical nutrition approach to healthy living for years.

Secrets of a Kosher Girl integrates the ancient principles of a kosher diet and lifestyle with proven weight-loss strategies emphasizing whole foods, or “clean eating.” This easy-to-follow 21-day diet and exercise plan results in an average loss of 6 to 11 pounds and improvements in mood, muscle mass, and energy, along with cholesterol and blood sugar levels. 

Beth lost weight on her proven program and shows how you can too. First, you’ll discover how to prepare your mind, body, and pantry to follow the diet successfully, and how it’s important to have the strong discipline and intuitive eating techniques inherent in a kosher diet to condition your mind.

Next, Beth explains how physical activity is not only important to health and weight loss, but how this concept has been around since biblical times. Last, Beth provides everything you need to start the program: 21 days of meal plans, recipes, and daily fitness goals, with motivational biblical quotes to inspire you along the way.

Lose weight the kosher way!

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Fitness Girl: S-formula India

I did 35 years research on god and found god. I done 35 years research on health and found the secrete of health. I invented s-formula.To bring peace in the world, s-formula is made. S-formula means save semen. Semen – the foundation of a male & female body. S-formula cures all diseases without medicine and without any physical exercise.S-formula is not a medicine but it is a meditation. S-formula is knowledge based training. Follow s-formula and make your life beautiful. Semen is like electrical current in our body. Semen keeps our body, hot in cold region, cold in hot region. The conservation of semen is very essential to strength of body and mind. Semen is an organic fluid, seminal fluid. Look younger, think cleverer, live longer, if you save semen. Veerya, dhatu, shukra or semen is life. Virginity is a physical, moral, and intelluctual safe guard to young man. Semen is the most powerful energy in the world. One who has master of this art is the master of all. Semen is truely a precious jewel. A greek philosopher told that only once in his life time. Conservation of seminal energy is s-formula. As you think, so you become. Semen is marrow to your bones, food to your brain, oil to your joints, and sweetness to your breath. Chastity no more injures the body and the soul. Self discipline is better than any other line of conduct. A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. If children are ruined, the nation is ruined. S-formula is the art of living, it is the art of life, and it is the way of life. The person one who knows s-formula; he is the master of all arts. Whatever the problems, diseases comming from loss of semen, can be rectified by only by saving semen. Semen produces semen & semen kills semen. Always save semen, store semen; protect semen from birth to death. Semen once you lost that will not come back – lost is lost. Loss of semen causes your life waste. Quality of your life says the quality of your semen. Use semen only when you need baby. Waste of one drop of semen is the waste of one drop of brain. Keep always the level of semen more than that normal level in your body. All diseases will attack due to loss of semen only. You do any physical exercise only if you are healthy. Prevention is better than cure. Semen is a pure blood and food for all cells of your body. Semen once you wasted cannot be regained. Lost is lost. Waste persons are wasting lot of semen. You reject marriages, if you waste semen. A man one who not wasted single drop of semen in his life, he is called healthy man. Do not touch any male in your life. Do not touch any female in your life. If you touch, your semen goes out of your body. Do not support any activity which causes loss of semen internally or externally in your body. Loss of semen makes you loss of health and loss of wealth. Both the parents produce semen and contribute to their children. Semen is the most powerful energy in the world. Semen retention is very valuable for both spiritual and mental health. If semen is drying up makes one old. Keep always your sex organs strong. As semen quantity increases your power of sex organ increases. Waste of one drop of semen is the waste of one drop of brain. Semen is food for Brain. If you lose semen you lose your brain. Brain is very important organ in our body. This book contains the importance of semen in every human life. S.r.swamy. B.E.civil.

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Hungry Girl Clean & Hungry OBSESSED!

Lisa Lillien has sold millions of books by serving up clever and deliciously easy recipes with low calorie counts, huge portions, and easy-to-find ingredients that are good for you. With eleven New York Times bestsellers under her belt, Lisa is taking things to the next level with Hungry Girl Clean & Hungry OBSESSED! Keeping in line with the current clean-eating food trend (and as a follow-up to her to last smash-hit book, Hungry Girl Clean & Hungry), she’s taking on the beloved foods that Americans are OBSESSED with―comfort foods, junk foods, international favorites, desserts, and more! Donuts, lasagna, fried chicken, quesadillas, fudge… No food is off-limits, and all of them have been completely re-created, re-vamped, and CLEANED UP!
With the unique and healthy recipes in this cookbook, you can finally enjoy ALL the foods you crave while eating clean and staying lean!

You’ll find . . .
Spaghetti Squash Your Hunger B-fast Bowl (271 calories)
Caramelized Onion Cauli-Crust Pizza (316 calories)
Peanut Butter Cup French Toast (344 calories)
Love Me Tender Pot Roast (272 calories)
Philly You Up Cheesesteak Meatloaf (198 calories)
Oh, Wow! Chicken & Waffles (353 calories)
Mad About Eggplant Manicotti (264 calories)
Garlic & Onion Butternut Turnip Fries (196 calories)
Grab a Fork Pork Fried Rice (197 calories)
Reconstructed Nachos (245 calories)
Three Cheers for Cheesecake Brownies (126 calories)
. . . and so much more!

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Adventures of an Adorable Fat Girl: A gorgeous, big, new comedy heroine

Mary Brown is funny, gorgeous and bonkers. She’s also about six stone overweight and can’t get into any of the dresses in Zara. Still, what does she care? She’s got a lovely new boyfriend and all is looking well…except when she accidentally gets herself in trouble at the silent auction, has to eat her lunch under the table in the pub because Ted’s workmates have spotted them, and has a young man’s testicles dangled into her face on a party boat to Amsterdam. Oh, and then there are all the issues with the hash-cakes. Besides all those things – everything’s fine…just fine!

The story is laugh-out-loud funny and will resonate with anyone who has dieted, tried to keep up with any sort of exercise programme or spent 10 minutes in a changing room trying to extricate herself from a way too-small garment that she ambitiously tried on and is now completely stuck in.

Bernice Bloom is the big, new name in comedy writing…this is the second installment of her great new series of laugh-out-loud mini books.

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You Still Got It, Girl! The After 50 Fitness Formula for Women

Eat more, exercise less, heal hormones, and boost energy for whole-you wellness! If you’re tired of the weight-loss, weight-gain roller coaster, overwhelmed with diet and exercise advice, and you want to avoid menopause weight gain or find a solution to low energy, high stress, stubborn pounds, and implement a smarter complete action plan that works and lasts, You Still Got It, Girl! The After 50 Fitness Formula for Women is for you. How many of these problems can you identify with?

“It doesn t matter if I eat ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ nothing seems to change.”
“I’m putting weight on in places I never had problems before.”
“I know I need to exercise, I just don t know what to do… and I don’t want to get hurt.”
“Every trainer or nutritionist I see gives me different advice whom do I believe?”
“When I couldn’t lose weight, my trainer said, ‘Well, you’re getting old.'”
“I’m willing to do it, if I know what it is!”

This book is different in two ways. First, the book brings together seven essential areas that science knows can no longer be addressed in isolation. Wonderful resource books exist for exercise, weight training, cardio, diet/nutrition, sleep, stress, and hormones. Yet, none of the existing titles help you understand the integration of these pieces so you can create a whole-person fitness plan.
Second, the book will be unique from other diet or exercise books in the way it is written and formatted. It features easy-to-read type, short paragraphs and quick-read lists and sidebars so you can absorb the information quickly.
Each chapter features a different contributing expert, or case studies and success stories. You don’t have to read this book front to back. You can take the assessment at the beginning of the book and then jump to the chapter you need most. Dump your thoughts of January resolutions when you’ve tried and failed to change everything at once. There is one thing that will have the greatest impact on your success. That’s where you should begin.
The book is written in a conversational style with insightful anecdotes, checklists, and self-assessment forms. Research on aging and every topic included in this book is exploding. We’ve learned more in the last five years than in the last 30. Don’t let the amount of research cited scare you. The text is designed to be a blend of science and boomer-to-boomer, over-the-fence conversation.
Logic will have you nodding in agreement to new information. Habit-gravity will have you pushing the same speed and incline on the treadmill as yesterday. This book provides interactive components to help you change your actions to change your results.
Chances are, if you re reading this, you’re not just frustrated with being overweight or having a few extra pounds. You suffer from infobesity. This book will help you spot seductive cover headlines that blindside you when you re vulnerable and help show you what really works.
If you’re ready to put yourself first and put old ideas aside, you can feel better in your second 50 than you’ve ever felt in your life.

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