Gash Hao GYM Hoodie Men Bodybuilding Stringer Tank Top Muscle Sleeveless Shirt

Tailored for the Americans–It is suitable both for men and women. It is necessory to make fashion and activeness together!
Don’t be hesitate!
Let’s release the monster from the deep heart with Gash Hao!

Product Features

  • QUALITY ASSURANCE — Any complains about it, 100% refund(We are only responsible for the quality issues from brand, Gash Hao) It is not only a promise, but also to reach a determination of the satisfication from you.Let’s release the monster from the deep heart with Gash Hao!
  • SIZE — M=US8. L=US12. XL=US14. XXL=US18.Height: 5′83 / Weight: 169.75IB. Recommended choice size L.
  • HIGH QUALITY — Breathable and soft material brings more comfort at any occasions! which can help to remove all sweat from the body. Feel free to enjoy the entertainments!
  • SPORTING CASE– Whether you are in the gym, playing balls, or doing anything else, no pressure will be taken for your arms, chest and back. Set all muscles free!
  • PRINTS– Customized Fashion Gym Fitness. Test on continous washing for 368 hours, it is still what it should be! NO FADE

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Gash Hao Compression Pants Women Running Movement Gym Yoga Bodybuilding 3D Printing Leggings

M: Waist=19″-26″, Hip=24″-34″, Thigh=14″-18″, Length=36.22″
L: Waist=19.5″-27″, Hip=26″-36″, Thigh=15″-19″, Length=37.59″
XL: Waist=20″-28″, Hip=28″-38″, Thigh=16″-20″, Length=39.17″
XXL: Waist=20.5″-29″, Hip=30″-40″, Thigh=17″-21″, Length=39.56″

An ordinary trackpant or a spandex isn’t very useful when you want to improve your performance, prevent serious injuries, want to recover faster from stress and want to take your workout to a whole new level. Compression Pants is a way smarter choice over the ordinary pants as it provides a number of benefits.

Functions of the Compression Pants:
✔ helps reduce muscle stiffness and soreness
✔ Relieves pain during and after exercise
✔ Restricts unwanted excessive muscles movements – less energy expenditure, more efficiency
✔ Smart Moisture Management – No wetness, chafing or irritation
✔ Anti-odor and Antibacterial
✔ Reduced risk of injuries such as hamstrings
✔ Faster Recovery after intensive physical activities.

Why Buy from us?
✔ Superior Quality Fabric that feels good on your skin
✔ Right amount of compression that doesn’t hurt but helps improve performance
✔ High Breathability
✔ High Moisture Wicking Ability
✔ Easy to clean and retains its shape even after multiple washes
100% Risk-Free Satisfaction We also offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence. So, why think twice? ORDER NOW to get a compression pant and achieve more in what you do!

Product Features

  • Base On Health – Our compression pants are different from traditional compression products. Ours can provide you a single solution to support the entire body. It feels like having an engine on the legs to push the limits in sporting and exciting.
  • Focus On Efficiency – During running and sports, the muscle would get extensive motion, and become tense and uncomfortable. Within our compression pants, such occasion can get reduced, what’s more, the energy would be saved for better performance. Don’t you like this? Just feel free to release the monster in your body! Enjoy it!
  • To be the most shining one – No matter where you are, the sunshine walks around you because of the unique printing of the product. With the price of cabbage to buy luxury quality products, you deserve this!
  • Goodbye to Sweat – Everyone would be troubled by the sweat, bacteria and special smelling after physical activities. Say goodbye to this as long as you are wearing our compression pants. All these troubles are evaporated because of the smart fabric and amazing functions. No itching, irritation or chafing.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We also offer you 100% money back guarantee to release your confusions, you can buy with confidence; no questions asked. Whatever, we are assure that you will fill in love with the product and recommend it to your friends as well. Without hesitation, order now. Don’t leave any regret in your life!

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