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Product Features

  • ☆ MAXIMUM BLOOD CIRCULATION TO EVERY MUSCLE ☆ A must have supplement if you want to take you BODY SCULPTING TO THE NEXT…! Our EXTREME l-arginine will give you MEGA FAST MUSCLE GAINS. Don’t settle for cheap supplements! GET THE BEST FROM MUSCLE TEX.
  • ☆MUSCLE TEX GUARANTEE ☆ Muscle Tex guarantees results when used before or after workout as directed. If you have not seen results we will give your MONEY BACK GUARANTEED! ENHANCED STAMINA – ENHANCED BLOOD FLOW – SUPPORTS HEART- MAXIMUM MUSCLE GAINS – IMPROVED SEXUAL PERFORMANCE – REGULATES KIDNEY FUNCTION
  • ☆ ENHANCED BIO-AVAILABILITY ☆ Muscle Tex FIRE SQUAD has enhanced bio-availability which means that your body takes in more to build muscle fast and give you strong and rock hard results. Our premium L-Arginine will provide you with MAXIMUM results per capsule.
  • ☆ NO NASTY SIDE EFFECTS ☆ Only SUPER feedback from clients! NO JITTERS CLA! All Our Products Are Made In USA In FDA Inspected and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certified Facilities.
  • ☆ WAR MACHINE EDITION ☆ Most POWERFUL gym range on the market! D-DAY Whey Protein with BCAA – OVERLORD bcaa capsules – FIRE SQUAD l-arginine – WARLORD oxy burn – WARHEAD post cycle therapy – BATTLESHIP bcaa post-workout – HELLFIRE pre-workout – NAPALM testo booster

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Starving Girl: My 30-day experience with the miracle of intermittent fasting and prayer

Lofgreen, an overweight 43 year-old mother of six children was overwhelmed and living in a state of procrastination until one day she reached bottom. She decided to change her life and stepped into the world of hunger. Why would she put herself in such a position? Her Christian faith encouraged fasting, an observance she’d ignored for twenty years. Could there be more to this timeless religious practice than she realized? Determined, she struggled, resented, fought and eventually rejoiced in the lessons she learned from daily 16-hour intermittent fasts. She constantly asked God questions: Why was obesity wide-spread? Why did some have so much while others starved? Why was body size related to self-worth? Why had she turned to food after being sexually abused? While combating hunger, she learned how the difficult decisions in her life shaped her greatest potential and that big dreams are only possible if she lived in the present. She experienced improved relationships with her family, tremendous clarity of mind and weight loss. In essence, the dreams she’d long buried became reality.

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