Weight Loss for Women Over 50: Look Good Get A Curvy Body in 12 Weeks

50 is the new 30! If you don’t believe me, then you have to try the strategies outlined in this book. Times are changing, and with great nutrients available at your local health store, you have the power to turn back the clock and change the way you feel and look.

Follow my 12 week program, lose weight and regain your zest!

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Fat Girl Truths: Practical Weight Loss Advice for Overweight and Obese Curvy Women

Weight loss and dieting advice is centered around women with just a few pounds to lose and doesn’t take into account those that are severely overweight or even obese. Well I am Jamie Anderson and I am here to tell you that I understand the plight of not only the overweight and obese but the curvy women with larger busts and butts.

I will not tell you some magical secret to make you super model small in a night and I will not claim this battle will be easy. What I will do is show you low budget and pragmatic ways to change your life while not depriving you of the things you love. Weight loss and becoming healthy should never be a temporary fix and it shouldn’t cause you to get up foods and drinks you enjoy entirely.

I invite you to start a journey with me and read about the journey I took to become much more healthy. Not only do I offer my advice but also have links to helpful resources and even ways to contact me for one on one advice for your individual needs! Let us start a community that is uplifting to women of bigger bones and show that we can support, encourage and motivate each other to change and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Why should you accept my advice? I have been overweight and even tipped into obese and I have lost the weight and become healthier and did it all the hard way; changing habits and exercise. I have dealt with stress/emotional eating, had two sons within 11 months and also work at home and once led a very sedentary lifestyle. I understand the grabbing whatever is quickest to warm up to eat and the dislike of drinking plain water. I have tested fad diets, various workout machines, gym classes and diet pills. The desperation to drop the weight and get healthy is all too real for me. All of that was my inspiration to look into the science and psychology behind not only losing weight but why we gain! I used this knowledge and mixed it with my story to bring you practical advice on how to start, stay motivated and life hacks on how to get to a healthy weight and maintain!

Allow me to join you in this journey to better ourselves!

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