Daily Food Journal: Calorie Counting Log Book (Small Size) (Girl with Drink)

The Daily Food Journal: Calorie Counting Log Book is a great way to take charge of your eating habits and stay mindful of the number of calories you ingest on a daily basis. This 5 x 8-inch book has 90 daily journal entries (one day per two-page layout) which makes tracking your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack calories a breeze. Each meal entry comes with reminders to drink more water and take any necessary supplements. Journal entries begin with a place to notate the current day’s date and the calories you are allowing for that day. Subtracting calories from the allowed amount throughout the day makes it simple to track how you are doing. At the end of each daily calorie log is an opportunity to notate sleep hours and quality, daily weight and blood pressure as well as exercise taken. Before the daily journal begins, there is a three-page section (with 178 entries) to record favorite food items in your diet, keeping all your personal calorie information in one convenient location for quick reference. Journal is sized small enough to discreetly use in public and easily fits into most handbags.

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1500 Calorie a Day Weekly Meal Plan: Mediterranean Edition (Single Girl Chef)

We all know that the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest diets you can choose. But for many trying to lose or maintain their weight, it’s not just enough to choose certain foods. You need portion control, and to be aware of how much you’re putting in your body. That’s where this meal plan comes in. Based on the Mediterranean diet, this plan has 7 days of meals and snacks totaling 1,500 calories per day.

This book is fully of tasty meals and snacks with calorie counts, recipes, and a shopping list for your entire week.Follow the plan exactly, or tailor it to your needs! Completely customizable, this is the meal plan for everyone.

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