Dieting & Weight Loss Guide: Lose Pounds in Minutes (Speedy Boxed Sets): Weight Maintenance Diets

In the Dieting and Weight Loss boxed set you will learn about different diet plans and how they may or may not actually help you. Learn about detoxing and cleansing as well as get tips on naturally boosting your metabolism.

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How To Attract Women Boxed Set:Awesome Ways To Impress Girls and Get More Dates

Why Buy This Set?

Men are just as anxious to make a good impression on the female of the species, but won’t admit it as readily. This set provides a complete formula for making you the dreamboat you’ve always wanted to be. No need to shop around for anything else!

What’s Inside?

Book 1: How to Make Any Woman Fall in Love with You
Chapter 1 – The Different Faces of Love
Chapter 2 – Put Yourself Out There
Chapter 3 – Getting to Know Each Other
Chapter 4 – The First Date
Chapter 5 – Post-Date Contact
Chapter 6 – Working on Self-Improvement
Chapter 7 – The Next Few Dates
Chapter 8 – Be the Best Man
Chapter 9 – Seal the Deal

Book 2: Amazing Abs Workout Plan
Chapter 1 – First Things First
Chapter 2 – Eat Your Fat Away
Chapter 3 – Getting Off On the Right Foot
Chapter 4 – Paving Your Way to A Six-Pack
Chapter 5 – CheatingYour Fat Pie
Chapter 6 – No Pain, No Gain
Chapter 7 – Melting Your Middle
Chapter 8 – Get That Abdominal V
Chapter 9 – Breaking the Fat Barrier

Book 3: Amazing Abs Diet Plan
Chapter 1 – Doing Your Best with What You’ve Got
Chapter 2 – Getting Real ABS and Not A Big Stomach
Chapter 3 – Going Beyond Borders
Chapter 4 – You Are What You Eat, Literally!
Chapter 5 – Burning Fat Day In and Day Out
Chapter 6 – Getting Fired Up
Chapter 7 – The Dream Killers
Chapter 8 – Diet Solutions
Chapter 9 – Turbo-charging Your Abs Formation
Chapter 10 – From Flabs to Abs

Book 4: Easy and Fast Fat Loss Techniques For Men
Day 1 – Suck in That Gut
Day 2 – Unclogging the Sink
Day 3 – Working up A Sweat
Day 4 – Working the Plateau
Day 5 – Accelerating Weight Loss
Day 6 – Maintaining the Momentum
Day 7 – Home Run!

Why Buy Now?
It takes time to build yourself into a dreamboat, and in the meantime, the good ones are being snapped up. Don’t waste time dilly-dallying around and get cracking on that hunk-to-be body!

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