The Beauty Diet: Looking Great has Never Been So Delicious

The secret to glowing skin, brighter eyes, whiter teeth, shinier hair, and stronger nails

According to nationally known nutritionist Lisa Drayer, it’s not what you put on your body, but what you put in your body that makes you beautiful. Drayer’s groundbreaking guide reveals the Top 10 Beauty Foods–nature’s best kept secrets for glowing skin, fuller hair, healthier nails, brighter eyes, and whiter teeth. Her easy-to-follow program—including a mouthwatering four-week meal plan with more than 100 recipes—unlocks the amazing power of these Beauty Foods and makes every part of your body look and feel absolutely fantastic.

Here are the Top 10 Beauty Foods
Wild Salmon
Sweet Potatoes
Dark Chocolate

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theankle: Heather Foster "There has definitely been a change in…


Heather Foster

“There has definitely been a change in the tide over the last few years; athletic women are celebrated more now than they have been in the past. People have a better appreciation for what it takes to be a female athlete, and more importantly, a competitive, world-class female athlete.” – H.Foster

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