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Excellent weight lifting lumbar support belt. It allows firm elastic side pulls that allows adjustable compression and support. It works for anyone who wants to do a general workout, sports based activities, heavy-duty work or bodybuilding. It is designed specifically to allow to be engaged in full body motions without feeling uncomfortable. It is made of High Quality material which helps to distribute the body weight evenly to disperse the force the lumbar vertebrae undertakes. It is great for abdominal lift and lower back support. It is very useful for supporting weak muscles. It can help in toning the waist line when worn during any types of exercises. The velcro closure allows for a broad variey of adjustable compressions. It may also help to provide moisture and heat to the lower back muscles area.

Product Features

  • High Quality Elastic material allows for snugger/loose fit without the circulation cut off
  • Available in Large and Medium Sizes
  • Weight lifting belt with esay to use velcro fastener
  • BEST Ergonomically designed in order to provide best protection possible
  • Fits to the natural shape of the body & Top quality super durable neoprene/lightweight weightlifting belt for excellent lumbar support

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Gymnastic Abdominal Exercise Belt Body Building Equipment Muscle Toning Machine

Gymnastic Abdominal Exercise Belt Body Building Equipment Muscle Toning Machine
The body building belt is a great way to exercise your muscles
Body building belt replaces monotonous sit ups and exercise. Only 10 minutes you can exercise your abdominal muscles approximately 600 times
has intensive 10 steps and 6 reprogrammed exercise routines for different level user
Sculpts, firms and tones muscles with the quick, inexpensive solution
6 preprogrammed exercise routines
Size:Approx. 121 x 17cm
1 x Muscle toning belt
1 x application gel
4 x batteries
1 x User manual

Product Features

  • Gymnastic Abdominal Exercise Belt Body Building Equipment Muscle Toning Machine

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Mechanic, despite what many might think, Mechanic is well known across hundreds of nations all over the world. Mechanic has been around for several centuries…

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Ab Wheel – Abdominal Exercise Roller

Ab Wheel. Just what you need to Strengthen and tone your abs, shoulders, arms, and back .

* Helps to get ripped abs and sculpted arm
* Excellent way in which to obtain a more toned set of abdominal muscles.
* You’ll work every major upper body muscle

The ab wheel is a simple piece of ab exercise equipment that definitely confirms the clich├ęd saying looks can be deceiving.
Although it appears innocent enough and is normally used for fairly easy stomach exercises,with a bit of adaptation the ab
wheel can also be used for some of the most advanced stomach exercises on the planet.In fact this little wheel is so good
for building the six pack muscles of the rectus abdominis and outer obliques it beats any other piece of equipment that you will see in the gym.

– Dual wheels for greater stability
– Comfortable, easy grip handles
– Easy assembly

Product Features

  • Two non-skid wheels for added stability
  • Strengthen and tone abs, shoulder, arms and back
  • Comfortable non-slip Foam grips for stability control
  • Easy assembly
  • 1 Year Warranty

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