LPG Muscle Pull Force Single Handle Cable Machine Attachment

Pull Force Single Handle Cable Machine Attachment – If you’re looking to add a killer “tap-out” grip to a powerful back, then fill those fists with PULL FORCE! These pull tools are the best choice for bodybuilders, weightlifters and athletes who need the most from every cable workout for back, shoulders and arms. That’s right, we’re talking serious Lift more, Pull more, Grow more power! Pull Force’s radical split finger pull tools completely outperform clunky steel cable machine handles in every way. With 20% more gripping power, Pull Force cable machine center pull handles give athletes the ability to direct even more resistance against targeted muscles for superior strength and size gains. Get results that won’t be hindered by unnecessary joint stress common to fixed steel handles. This is due to Pull Force’s unique “freestyle” cable suspension which also promotes natural, unrestrained force production and sport conditioning. Split Finger Grip Pull Force Hi Performance pull tools can be easily attached to any cable resistance machine for a flexible, no fail grip alternative to common steel cable handles. Cable Clip NOT Included.

Product Features

  • Available in 1-1/4″ Standard (or) 1-3/4″ Fatty handle grip sizes
  • Easily attaches to all common cable resistance machines
  • 1500# load rated, live motion cable suspension with reinforced eyelet for attachment
  • Color: Black handle and Yellow tube cover. Powder coated non-slip grip
  • Full Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty. Made in the USA!

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