Fitness Girl: S-formula India

I did 35 years research on god and found god. I done 35 years research on health and found the secrete of health. I invented s-formula.To bring peace in the world, s-formula is made. S-formula means save semen. Semen – the foundation of a male & female body. S-formula cures all diseases without medicine and without any physical exercise.S-formula is not a medicine but it is a meditation. S-formula is knowledge based training. Follow s-formula and make your life beautiful. Semen is like electrical current in our body. Semen keeps our body, hot in cold region, cold in hot region. The conservation of semen is very essential to strength of body and mind. Semen is an organic fluid, seminal fluid. Look younger, think cleverer, live longer, if you save semen. Veerya, dhatu, shukra or semen is life. Virginity is a physical, moral, and intelluctual safe guard to young man. Semen is the most powerful energy in the world. One who has master of this art is the master of all. Semen is truely a precious jewel. A greek philosopher told that only once in his life time. Conservation of seminal energy is s-formula. As you think, so you become. Semen is marrow to your bones, food to your brain, oil to your joints, and sweetness to your breath. Chastity no more injures the body and the soul. Self discipline is better than any other line of conduct. A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. If children are ruined, the nation is ruined. S-formula is the art of living, it is the art of life, and it is the way of life. The person one who knows s-formula; he is the master of all arts. Whatever the problems, diseases comming from loss of semen, can be rectified by only by saving semen. Semen produces semen & semen kills semen. Always save semen, store semen; protect semen from birth to death. Semen once you lost that will not come back – lost is lost. Loss of semen causes your life waste. Quality of your life says the quality of your semen. Use semen only when you need baby. Waste of one drop of semen is the waste of one drop of brain. Keep always the level of semen more than that normal level in your body. All diseases will attack due to loss of semen only. You do any physical exercise only if you are healthy. Prevention is better than cure. Semen is a pure blood and food for all cells of your body. Semen once you wasted cannot be regained. Lost is lost. Waste persons are wasting lot of semen. You reject marriages, if you waste semen. A man one who not wasted single drop of semen in his life, he is called healthy man. Do not touch any male in your life. Do not touch any female in your life. If you touch, your semen goes out of your body. Do not support any activity which causes loss of semen internally or externally in your body. Loss of semen makes you loss of health and loss of wealth. Both the parents produce semen and contribute to their children. Semen is the most powerful energy in the world. Semen retention is very valuable for both spiritual and mental health. If semen is drying up makes one old. Keep always your sex organs strong. As semen quantity increases your power of sex organ increases. Waste of one drop of semen is the waste of one drop of brain. Semen is food for Brain. If you lose semen you lose your brain. Brain is very important organ in our body. This book contains the importance of semen in every human life. S.r.swamy. B.E.civil.

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