Barbell 1 Bodybuilding Muscle Stringer Y Back Tank Top, Lifting Shirt for Gym

You get all excited about that new stringer tank that’s going to make you look jacked. Then you get to the gym and you have to adjust it between every set because your nipples keep popping out the sides. Annoying. Why can’t someone make a stringer that still shows a ton of muscle, but has just a little more side coverage on the chest? We did! These super soft triblend tank tops are just a little wider over the nipple area, and have an amazing drape on your physique that contours to your muscles, unlike thick cotton of most stringers that just sits flat. The result is your muscle “pop” much more when wearing our fabric – don’t believe us? Try it for yourself! Triblend fabrics are also better than cotton at wicking away sweat. Unlike other triblend fabrics we tried, this fabric is quite resistant to pilling. These shirts are Made in the USA! Classic Barbell 1 logo on the chest. Available in Men’s sizes S-XXXL. Satisfaction and quality guaranteed by manufacturer’s warranty which is offered exclusively and only by PR Products, LLC. USA.

Product Features

  • SHOW YOUR MUSCLES, NOT YOUR NIPS! – sick of constantly having to adjust your tank between sets? No more!
  • SHOW MORE MUSCLE – most stringers are thick cotton – our triblend fabric has an amazing drape that hangs nicely on your physique.
  • SOFT, LIGHT, WELLMADE – designed and manufactured in the USA, our triblend fabric is more pill resistant than our competitors.
  • GREAT FOR powerlifting, bodybuilding, physique and strength sport athletes.

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