10 Lessons from a Former Fat Girl

Amy Parham, a former fat girl who became a fit girl after losing more than 100 pounds, learned what it takes to stay fit inside and out. In 10 Lessons from a Former Fat Girl, she offers nuggets of insight for changing not only the fat-girl body but also the fat-girl mentality. Focusing on the mental ,emotional, and spiritual aspects of our relationship with food and exercise, Amy shows how readers can make this a healthy partnership that brings permanent change. Amy speaks from experience as she

identifies with the reader struggling with a food addictiondescribes emotional pitfalls that serve as triggers for overeatingexplores the mental and emotional benefits of regular exerciseillustrates how and why fitness must be a lifelong pursuitdemonstrates how to transform our minds as well as our bodies

The result is a practical, proven plan that will help any reader reprogram the fat-girl mentality into fit-girl reality.

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