1.M.R (28 Servings) & Testovox (60 Capsules) – High Performance Muscle Building Combo. Professional Strength Bodybuilding Supplement Stack (Blue Raspberry)

Engineered for both the professional and recreational bodybuilder and athlete, this hardcore combination works synergistically allowing the user to pack on lean ripped muscle, boost testosterone, increase strength, enhance athletic performance and improve muscle recovery. Making for one of the most effective and efficient muscle building stacks available.

Testovox is the advanced, next generation muscle building formula. When it comes to packing on lean ripped muscle, Testovox is the real deal. This professional strength supplement is scientifically formulated to allow the user to burn fat while building lean muscle fast. Testovox’s powerful muscle building formula is 100% safe and used by many professional athletes. When used consistently with diet and exercise users will experience a dramatic increase in size, strength, muscle density and muscle recovery.

1.M.R is the original ultra concentrated and extra strength best workout in a bottle formula. It is designed to promote strength, energy, and the almighty pump. Each ultra concentrated serving of 1.M.R (1 scoop) delivers a synergistic matrix of creatine monohydrate, antioxidants, and ultra strong and ultra extreme energy catalysts. 1.M.R is about no bloating, no cramping just rock solid muscle and intense energy driven workouts. The kind where your body and mind are racing at 120 miles per hour, with absolutely no other cars on the road. 1.M.R make every workout your best.

Product Features

  • Hardcore muscle building combination that helps you to pack on lean ripped muscle fast. 1.M.R: Pre-Workout & TESTOVOX Muscle Amplification Formula
  • Produces a synergistic effect that boosts testosterone, improves muscle recovery, increases muscle density, strength, and lean mass
  • Professional strength bodybuilding stack. Formulated for both the professional and recreational bodybuilder and athlete
  • Safe and effective. Testovox and 1.M.R are both manufactured in GMP certified, FDA approved facilities and tested for purity and banned substances
  • Package includes: 1 container (28 servings) of 1.M.R and 1 – 60ct bottle of TESTOVOX

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