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As someone that has grown up surrounded by beaches and done surf life saving, I know how the sea works. Lots of people dont. Every summer multiple tourists die here because they don’t respect the sea, if you’re going to the coast, here’s a thing I saw on Facebook.


reblogging for all of us that grew up in land locked states, then visit the ocean and are used to just plunging into a lake.

All of this applies to Lake Michigan, as well. The rips aren’t as big, but they do happen. We lose tourists every year.

Reblog to save a life!

Another note.

Rip tides are a particular problem in parts of the U.K., especially parts of Wales and Cornwall.

Please, please if you are in the U.K., only swim in lifeguarded areas and don’t put so much as a toe in the water if you are on a beach that has a red flag and no lifeguard or lifeguard station. (Some beaches are permanently red flagged). In May 2020, in a single day, two people died and a third were hospitalized because of rip currents on the Cornish coast.

(Cornwall is beautiful but something about the way it sticks out into the ocean breeds these things).

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